sobota, 24 grudnia 2016

Merry Christmas

to all of our friends from all over the world :) from me and Sherry, who represents my all my plastic and resin dollies :) 

When that day, full of hard work at kitchen, and that cheerful and happy evening, is turning into a holy and silent night, we two can finally sit down and bring back our memories from the very first Christmas, spend together, two years ago, and all good things happened since that... A very special moments for me, whole that dolly time is special and connected with my private life and happiness :) and so do are my dolls to me.
I cannot believe it's TWO years passed by! And I still love that little piece of plastic, these huge eyes and sweet smile. It's unbelievable that I still love my doll and love her much more than before, and so all of my dolls. I live in a dolly communnity, every day I meet wonderful people, chitchat with them, and cannot imagine myself a day without checking what's going on there, how are my friends and their dolls.
I owe my dolls that great time, spend with them, spend with people from all of the world, that possibility to change something in me, to learn many things, to be brave enough to play with dolls as an adult :) and to have the strenght to go my own path, with my own rules, no matter what other say really, and just BE HAPPY.


This is all I want to wish you today for a whole upcoming year and life. Just be happy. All the rest will come itself :) 

P.S.  And don't eat too much ;)

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  1. Na Wesołych Świąt z mojej strony już za późno, ale za to życzę wspaniałego, szczęśliwego i pełnego zdrowia (i lalek) roku 2017! :-)

    1. :D dziękuję i również szczęśliwego wspaniałego i lalkowego 2017 życzę :D

  2. Dużo czasu, dużo weny, dużo lalek i jeszcze więcej radości w całym 2017:)

  3. urocza niczym dorosła już Calineczka ♥


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